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I have been practicing yoga for over 13years, and graduated from Laughing Lotus Yoga College in New York City in 2005.  In 2006, I fell in love with the blue skies and wonderful people of New Mexico, and moved to call Albuquerque home.  Since then I have had the opporunity to teach yoga in a variety of settings, including health clubs, corporate partners and yoga studios.  Currently I teach at the beautiful Open Space Visitor Center and Grassroots Yoga.  Please see the Classes page for more details. 

I strongly believe that yoga is JOYFUL and offers an opportunity to explore the freedom and truth of our whole self.  I specialize in Hatha Vinyasa yoga, which merges the breath with an active, playful physical practice.  I am also experienced in prenatal yoga, partner yoga, and chair yoga.  

In addition to group classes, I offer private sessions to help you tailor your practice to meet your needs.  Whether you are brand new to yoga and would like individual guidance, someone working with a specific challenge, or a more experienced practitioner looking to lay the groundwork for your own home practice, I can work with you to safely explore a practice that is right for you.  See the Privates & Parties Page for more details.

Love your life, Live your Yoga.
What does it mean to live your yoga? The Sanskrit word “yoga” literally means to yoke or to join. When we practice yoga, we are nurturing a harmonious relationship between our body, mind and spirit.Physical yoga, or Hatha Yoga, strengthens and stretches the body to create harmony and ease in your physical being.  When we feel ease in the body, it leads to finding peace and simplicity in your mind and thoughts.  And when we take the time to dwell in this inner peace beyond the business of the mind, we begin to refresh our spirits and see our lives as a reflection of our greater selves.  Everything: you relationships, your job, your way of being in the world today is part of your yoga practice. When you live mindfully, your life is your yoga. Love your life, live your yoga! 
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